It's about knowing how to present yourself in the best light possible at all times by the way you dress and behave. By understanding the rules of style you can be assured that whether you're at work or play, your image will always be working for you.

Your Personal Style Solutions portfolio is a customized style portfolio that will show you exactly which garment styles, lengths, fabrics, and accessories will work best for your body shape and height and how best to wear them. It’s a guide, written with your needs in mind, your very own 170 page portfolio on style and fashion. No two portfolios are ever the same. In a nutshell, a style guide tailored to your specific needs and body challenges.


An in-home, hands-on, wardrobe and closet analysis for a specific season’s clothing. Each and every piece of clothing in your closet will be reviewed to make sure it fits your body, your needs and lifestyle. As new items are discovered in your closet, they can be altered to fit and/or updated to current styles.


The third step in the wardrobe puzzle is to select the best clothing pieces for you. Helena will “pre-shop” and “pull” the items and bring them to you whether you are in a private dressing room at your favorite department or the comfort of your home. She’ll work with your specific needs and budget.


Fit is the most critical issue in purchasing a garment. Women today, expect the clothing in the stores to fit them. But often, when trying on clothes they wonder in exasperation, “who can wear this?” Alterations aren’t the exception, but the rule. Helena offers personalized alterations to ensure that the clothes fit you.

We are pleased to offer alteration services for garments purchased outside our studio. Gowns and dresses with beads, sequins and boning are specifically quoted. Prices are adjusted according to the complexity of the garment. Bring your garment(s) for free estimates.


Personal Color Consultation
Make-Up Update
Packing for Traveling Ease
Seminars or workshops of image, wardrobe-related topics


Consultation fees applied for research, pre-shopping, and shopping and are billed on an hourly or per project basis. Fees for training and speaking seminars are arranged individually.

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