Tired of standard sizes and styles that never fit? No matter what size you are; petite, standard, plus size or big and tall; we can help you get the perfect fit for any design. We design and construct garments for men and women, for all hard to fit types, tailor made to fit your body. Why compromise fit when you can customize it! You can experience a custom fitting with an expert designer who has been creating the finest in men and women’s clothing for 20 years. Whether business, casual or formal wear, you are assured a fit that earns great compliments.

You will receive personalized service from Helena Chenn, Couture Designer and Owner. A customized pattern will be created just for you according to your body measurements, style and needs. The fit of any of your favorite garments can also be copied. Simply bring in your favorite garment and leave the rest to us. You won’t have to worry about expensive alterations anymore!

The custom couture process normally takes three to six months to completion, beginning with a complimentary consultation.

Custom alterations are also made easy with the expert tailoring. Bring Helena your garment(s) that need to be tailored and you are assured of the best quality alterations. This can be done in our studio, in your home or at the office.


On the first consultation, Helena will work with you in bringing your ideas and concept into a clear design. She will advise you on what will fit your body type, and flatter your figure the most. Please note, all clients receive a complimentary first appointment without being pressured to buy.

The cost of a custom bridal gown varies based on fabric selection and the complexity of the design. A lead-time of three to six months is appropriate depending on the complexity of the garment. Once the design is complete and it is time to begin with the fit sessions, a fifty percent deposit will be required. The final payment will be due upon completion of the gown.

Once you have chosen your individual design and selected the appropriate fabrics and trims, we are ready to start the project. When you come for fittings, please bring the shoes and lingerie that you will be wearing on your wedding day. These are two things that can affect the look and the fit of the dress so make sure you have them for all your fittings.


First Fitting: The sample garment/gown is made out of cotton muslin. The toile fitting is your chance to review all details such as necklines, hem lines, sleeve length, and the general proportion and shape of the gown. All fit adjustments and design changes are made on this sample. Once you approve the sample, the gown is cut out of your chosen fabric. If changes need to be made, there will be another fitting with the muslin.

Second Fitting: We fit the garment/gown in the chosen fabric(s) and refine the fit.

Third Fitting: We add selected beadwork, embroidery or trim detail.

Final Fitting: The garment/gown's final fitting. Your final fitting should be as close to the wedding date as possible, just in case you gain or lose weight.



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